Here and There

I’m not there, I’m here. You’re there, not here. Unless, of course, you are here like me.

I’m in Indiana today. You’re where you usually are.  I hope you two nice every-day-readers from the Russian Federation are still there. Stay out of Ukraine.  Thank you.

Now back to Lafayette, Indiana.

Early Autumn in downtown Lafayette, Indiana
EarlyAutumn in Lafayette Indiana

It’s my semiannual trip to see mom, brother, kids, grand-kids,…

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A Rolling Stone Gathers Relationships

A Rolling Stone Gathers Relationships

Most of the people I hang with are younger than me. My mom has the same problem, but she’s 99. Nobody left.

For me it’s just circumstantial. I’m around many people born in the ‘70s and ‘80s and our historic memories are completely different. I’m not complaining. Who wants to hang around with old farts? That’s my friends’ problem when they hang with me.

Stories I’m familiar with and remember like…

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Boo! http://wp.me/s26z7T-boo

Yeah, it’s that time of the year. Scary times. Books, movies, Halloween haunted houses, all designed to scare the hell out of us. Do you like being scared? What’s it feel like to you when you get scared?
Scared Woman

I vividly remember the first real scary book that haunted me on every page and when I finished it I was still scared. Yes, it was a work of fiction. I love reading fiction. I love writing…

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Commas Are Good

I write stuff. I re-write stuff. Then I take the stuff to a critique group of fellow writers. They write stuff and do the same. We encourage and help each other. We also circle grammatical errors.

I always have lots of circles. I seem to have a problem with commas. I’ll use them when I shouldn’t and not use them when I should.

Commas are important. Commas are good.

Would you like to see why?


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Snob Slob

I think of myself as very laid-back. I view myself as very egalitarian. And then I notice I use the word “very” to distinguish myself as more laid back then regular laid-backers and more egalitarian than most.

Then I spin around like Beetlejuice and look in the mirror again and know it’s mostly lies. I’m an insufferable snob about so many things. How about you? Do you have certain things you are…

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Musical Notes

I’m excited that old guys are still turning out great music. One of my all-time favorite groups, Pink Floyd, is about to release a new album. The album “Endless River” is their first album in 20 years.

They are like a long list of English Rockers who were influenced by American Blues players. Syd Barrett, original vocalist and guitarist in the early years, loved the music (and names) of two…

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40 Years. Getting On With It.

40 Years. Getting On With It.

Most of us have pictures or movies of our childhood. We have wedding books of photos—some of us have multiples.

There are the usual family Christmas photos. Some birthdays and anniversaries. A lot of pictures with the kids, grandkids.

And then there’s the damn mirror. Most days I shave in front of it. You might be doing your mascara. You’re plucking a wild hair today. You are dabbing stuff on…

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Brain Remains

It’s the end of the week and time to clear the mind of the daily routine and enjoy the weekend. I’m trying to do that but a few things keep rattling around in my strange brain.

I get most of my writing kicks out of making things up, writing them down and then moving on. It’s the non-fiction truthiness of my life that also needs to jump onto the keys and out of my brain.

Sometimes they are little…

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One Musical Opinion

I’m flying down the “99” yesterday listening to a female singer that sounds like Ella Fitzgerald blended with Diana Krall. She swings, she scats and her vocal chops sound like she’s been singing in Jazz clubs for years.

I found out her name is Stephanie Joanne Angelina Germanotta. You won’t find any albums with that name on them.
You might know her as LADY GAGA.

She says in an interview she’s…

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Hanging with a Blackheart

Hanging with a Blackheart

Hanging with a Blackheart is hanging with a good heart.  I spent my Sunday hanging with more than one Blackheart. A whole band full led by the Rock & Roll Queen, Joan.

Rock is still alive and well, definitely in Bakersfield. The closing night of the Kern County Fair rocked out with Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. The overflow crowd stood jam-packed into the two gate areas of visibility and sang…

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